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Experienced travelers, meet your new sidekick.


The ultimate travel bag is back and better than ever. Introducing the Pakt One, a collaboration between Malcolm Fontier and the Minimalists.

The campaign to crowdfund the bag will launch on Indiegogo on November 7th!


Coming soon: The Pakt One

Malcolm Fontier launched The Getaway, a duffel-suitcase hybrid, in 2012. Five years, countless fans and a few film appearances later, it’s making its triumphant return. With some clever upgrades, a new name, and a fantastic story, the ultimate travel bag has evolved into an indispensable travel companion: the Pakt One.

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Everything you need, nothing you don't.

The Pakt One is designed to carry your essentials with style and simplicity. Whether it's a weekend, a month, or a year-long adventure, the Pakt One is the only bag you'll need.


This was an accident. Seriously.


Now, we never intended to relaunch The Getaway. But the bag has earned some diehard (and very vocal) fans we simply couldn’t ignore.

Many of these fans captured a glimpse of The Getaway in the Minimalism documentary and Pack Like The Minimalists. These appearances led to a resurgence of interest in The Getaway, which led to this collaboration between Malcolm Fontier and The Minimalists to create the Pakt One.

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Malcolm + The Minimalists


Why would The Minimalists collaborate on a consumer product? Joshua explains their decision to join this unique project.

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Five years of global travel testing rolled into one versatile bag.


Owners of The Getaway have carried it to six continents on countless trips. Their feedback is helping make the next iteration even more useful, more durable, and more beautiful.


The Pakt One Indiegogo campaign will launch on November 7th.


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Still need another reason? How about five: we're giving away five pre-production bags to randomly selected subscribers the week the campaign launches on Indiegogo.