What is the Pakt One?

The Pakt One is an innovative carry-on travel bag that combines the portability of a duffel with the organization and structure of a suitcase. It is a new, improved version of a cult bag called the Getaway that debuted in 2011.

Why should we use it?

It is designed by experienced travelers to take the headaches out of modern travel and improve the experience, and look good doing it.

Who created it?

The Pakt One is a collaboration between Malcolm Fontier and The Minimalists to introduce the ultimate bag for the experienced traveler. It is an updated version of Malcolm Fontier’s Getaway bag, which had a limited production run in 2011.


What changed from the original Getaway bag to the Pakt One?

Owners of the Getaway loved the bag’s size and layout, so we left a good thing alone. Our main changes were to make the bag even lighter and more durable, and to add thoughtful features designed to ease the hassles of modern travel.


How much does it cost?

The Pakt One will retail for $300, but we are offering an exclusive discount to backers of our Indiegogo campaign -- tiers start at $175 and go up to $225. Once the campaign ends, these prices will no longer be available.

Where can we buy it?

At this time, The Pakt One is only available via pre-orders through the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.

What do we get when we order?

Simply a great bag designed for the way you live and travel. Choose from one of three colors and buy in quantities of 1-4.

Why are you crowdfunding?

It’s clear to us that there is a lot of interest in this bag, but we don’t know how much. Crowdfunding allows us to be responsive to demand.


When will the bag be shipped?

We’ll initiate mass production of the bag as soon as the campaign is finished. It’ll take a few months to produce the bags, so the anticipated delivery date will be in June 2018.


What are the bags made of?

We are only using modern, durable, technical materials that are animal-friendly and have the lowest possible environmental impact. The black bag is the most rugged option, with premium water-resistant zippers and technical exterior fabric (420D nylon dobby). The gray bag features a coated polyester canvas exterior and durable metal hardware with a refined patina finish, and the navy bag has the same coated polyester canvas exterior combined with finished brass hardware.

What colors do you offer?

The bag comes in three colors: black with black hardware, grey with pewter, and navy with finished brass hardware.

What sizes do you offer?

The Pakt One comes in a single size: 10” x 11” x 20” / 25.4 cm x 27.94 cm x 50.8 cm.


How much does the Pakt One weigh?

The bag has an empty weight of 3.25 lbs.


What is the volume of the bag?

The bag has a 35 liter capacity.


What are the care instructions for the Pakt One?

You can wipe, spot clean, or -- on occasion -- machine wash it.